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Intelligence Bulletin Vol 2 * No 38

intelligencebulletingvol02no38 Welcome to this Friday’s intelligence bulletin. We are currently working hard on getting the Felber build stabilized so we can get it out to you guys. We have tried to implement as much of the feedback we have received as possible and we are constantly gathering feedback from the forums and using the input to help prioritize and improve our designs.

The first couple of issues of the community driven H&G Newspaper has made their rounds. If you want to tell your stories or show off awesome screenshots or video – take a look at the newspaper  and grab hold of Dondergod.

This week we have also welcomed a new Level Designer Reto.Ratamahat to the team, and we are really looking forward to the fantastic levels and maps that will spew from his capable hands.

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Developer Blogs this Week


Updating Light & Weather Settings

By Reto.Colding, Lead Animator
“For Felber we will have new and improved weather & light settings!” Read More

News from the front, November 2012

By Reto.KenSolo, Producer
“Announcing our partnership with Square Enix” Read More

Team Debriefing



Game Director
“- Working on a new system for Terrain modelling workflow.
– tasks & bug fixes for Felber
– meetings
– improving price structure”


Level Designer
“- New skirmish level is being finalized for Felber, and we are looking forward to your feedback!
– Introduced our new Level Designer to the team, and getting into the loop.”


Community Manager & Game Designer
“- Bug fixing the community site and forum.
– Going through tank damage for Felber
– Eating cake”



3D Artist
“- This week has been all about getting the Felber build ready. Bugfixing, new tanks, weapons and GUI elements.- Slowly moving on to the Guderian build


Lead Character Artist
“- I’m making various parts for the parachutes. “


Art Director
“- As the new Art boss and the partnering with Square Enix I have beendoing a lot of marketing stuff like banners plans etc.
– Currently I have been looking at the levels/environment to do and
overhaul with magicman Reto.Dave.


Lead Animator
“- This week I have done animations and poses for the three new tanks for Felber – Also mucked up animation for entrenchment tool together with getting the new light settings in. Currently working on beefing up our assault team pics and creating more for Felber.”


Concept Artist
“- been searching for reference images/video for various new props”


Effects Dude
“- Improving effects and creating new effects.”

Coders & QA


Programmer and Technical Lead
“- Meetings, planning, pushing small cardboard squares around on a map, shaking my fist at the sky and other officer work.”


Render Programmer
“- Building builds for Felber and fixing bugs.
– match-making fixes for Eisenhower/Felber
– evaluating XCP for use in our build environment”


Gameplay Programmer
“- Updated HUD elements with the new style- Finished up the last few things for the new Skirmish gamemode
– Fixed some debugging tools
– Numerous small tweaks and fixes for Felber


Gameplay Programmer
“- Coding effects.
– building pathfinder and AI”


Senior Programmer
“- Cg and OpenGL framework- Merged fixes from my streams to felber
– Created guderian stream


Lead Tester
“- Battle the Plague.- Test Felber.
– Test Felber.
– Test Felber.
– Test Felber.


IT Architect
– New way for storing and enforcing AT limit for the player (per faction type)- New auto-resolve attack values (because of new AT types)
– Added “entrenchment” tool weapon to the shop
– Standardization of reserve AT abbreviation to “<owner abbreviation>(R)”
– Admintool fixes for war cleanup and consistency checks
– Bug fix – warserver communicates ATs to the flash client a bit more intelligently
– Bug fix – ATs placed on supplylines would not be moveable
– Bug fix – method for finding out ATs on a battlefield is wrong
– Bug fix – transport logic tries to move an AT that does not exist (wrong ID passed to it)


Flash Programmer
“- Assault Teams are faction specific and you have the same options for viewing Assault Teams like Characters [Felber]- Assault Teams in battle can not be upgraded [Felber]
– If you upgrade an assault team it will be moved back to your capital, warning added for this [Felber]
– Placeholder images for new assault teams added to shop [Felber]
– New Shovel melee weapon graphics added to shop [Felber]
– Assault Team Strength is calculated properly on campaign map [Felber]
– Ignore list / Friends list Switch now works correctly in all situations [Felber]
– Auto naming for Assault teams now do the following: Player Gamertag + AT + number of Assault being bought, Example: Reto.Vashu’s AT5 [Felber]
– Battlefields now show the strength of friendly units on the battlefield, and AT’s are being placed on the battlefield map too [Felber]
– Missions and Battlefields don’t show HQ or reserves on the map / take them into map [Felber]
– Lobby Sneak peek sorts players in Alphabetical order [Felber]
– Supplies are now shown with proper image in Multimarker stacks [Felber]
– Reworked rules for when AT’s can move and can’t move [Felber]
– Reworked spawnslot viewing for Mission and battlefield details [Felber]
– Warbonds commercial open up less frequently when logging in [Felber]
– Localization, Localization and more Localization [Felber]
– Fixing Assault Teams that get stuck on middle of supply lines and being able to move them away from there (Removal of Reset button) [Felber]
– Felber moved to Internal testing, fixing a lot of new bugs introduced [Felber]
– New Skirmish rules meeting [Future]
– Night / Day Cycle planning meeting [Guderian]


Server Programmer
“- I have torn the hair from my head, screamed and gritted my teeth while starring desperately at a monitor full of symbols that appeared meaningless and HOPEFULLY found the memory leak that has plagued the servers.”



Lead Sound Designer
“- I have been finalizing the sounds for the forthcoming Felber build. I have among other things been working on the reload sounds for the cannons of all the tanks and I have created and added sounds for the new M5A1 Stuart tank.”


Audio Programmer
“- Flash audio- Tank reload fix up
– Localized mission list / lobby (flash site)

Management, IT & support


“- This week I’ve been meeting up with my co-op producer buddy Jonathan (laser_hobbes), who is assigned to Heroes & Generals from Square Enix’ end. laser_hobbes will be helping us with coordinating stuff between us and Square Enix’ Marketing, PR, etc, and he will also keep an eye on how the production goes, and help us where he can. We’re really glad to have him on the team, and we hope that you’ll give him a warm welcome, and not own him too much on the battlefield.”


IT Admin
“- Change the nagios to use passiv check on FDC servers. This will give me less alarmsin the night then the servers are to busy to answer me.- New workstations. build 3 more– Web servers (guderian have high load problems) We are testing some setup changes.
It is the news page have problems.- Perforce backup problem in the night. Reto.BombeBo is working using perforce in the night times.


Project Coordinator
“- A lot of meetings and planing for the upstart of next build. Meeting our nice producer Jonathan from SEE – and of cause coordinating the last stuff for Felber so we can start testing the build.


Support Manager
“-Support support and support-Made some nice beans wrapped in bacon the other day – yummy
-Getting up to speed with what’s been going on the last month



The Intelligence Bulletin is designed primarily for the use of the members of the Heroes & Generals community. It is a vehicle for the dissemination to them of the latest information received from Reto-Moto Intelligence sources about the development of Heroes & Generals. Readers are invited to comment on the use that they are making of the Intelligence Bulletin and to forward suggestions for future issues.

Reto-Moto Intelligence Division,
Developer Department

  1. cRo4Ti4cRo4Ti411-16-2012

    wohoo where to start , reading this Bulleting set agan new daydreaming sgtuff in my head.

    Cant await see Felber build it sounds as you have implement allot magic inside.

    Congrattullation to Reto.Owleater to become Art Director, congattullation to Reto.Ratamahat for become part of Reto Moto.

    Hello laser_hobbes , due reto plz us not to pwn you to much on Battlefields, i will provide youz to take care on Battlefield about your security, so long you need.

    Just poke me ingame and i will secure areas youre moving on.


    very informative Intelligence Bulletin wroooaaammmmmmmMMMM awaiting Feber … HYPER HYPER !!

  2. MattMatt11-16-2012

    Oh that entrenchment tool is going to be fun to use, good times ahead beating a German to death with it. XD

  3. JeroenichJeroenich11-17-2012

    Well yes ! This is what i wanted ! Can’t wait for the new MkII Sten?!

  4. AlphaOriAlphaOri11-18-2012

    When will arrive Felber build to the beta? :P

    • evilsamarevilsamar11-18-2012

      God knows…

    • Reto.Robotron3000Reto.Robotron300011-18-2012

      We are currently working on getting the build stable and we are working as fast as we can :-)

  5. jumanajumana11-18-2012

    Welcome Reto.Ratamahat and laser_hobbes! Great news – it seems Felber is finally ready soon. And… entrenchemnt tool? Wow! I guess that will be a shovel :-)
    Question: What happens if I find gold while digging myself in on the battlefiled? Can I keep it? :-)

  6. rushthebusrushthebus11-19-2012

    Sounds like you guys are progressing along nicely! It’s awesome to get to peek into whats been going on behind closed doors on a weekly basis. I can tell you that since i was first given access in September i have seen quite the change – there is now a great sense of urgency and presence in the strat side of things, multiple full and active action game battles that are an awful lot of fun. I have even been noticing an increase in team work (be it capping or shuffling troops too and fore via jeeps and half tracks!) within the action games. Really proud to be a part of all this!

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