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News from the front, November 2012

Today we’re proud to announce a partnership with Square Enix for the global launch of Heroes & Generals.

Tiger Attack

We’ve partnered up with Square Enix

If you don’t know who or what Square Enix is, then the short version is that it’s a publisher, who amongst other titles has developed, published and distributed Final Fantasy, Hitman, Tomb Raider, Deus Ex: Human Revolution, Dead Island, Dragon Quest, Sleeping Dogs, and many other great titles. We’re vey proud to be part this lineup and we believe that Square Enix is a perfect match for Heroes & Generals.

We’ll continue to run a community driven development, and the main difference to how we’ve run things so far, is that Square Enix will be handling marketing and PR… oh, and we’ll also be able to deliver a lot more content and expand the game a lot faster!

We really wanted to involve you in this sooner, but as Square Enix is a publicly traded company on the Tokyo Stock Exchange we couldn’t leak it to you before the deal was signed and Square Enix were ready for the announcement.

This is a fantastic opportunity for us at Reto-Moto, and the enthusiasm we feel from the people at Square Enix concerning Heroes & Generals is incredible! They are extremely impressed with our community (yup – that’s YOU!) and what we have achieved so far, and we hope that you will help us give the crew at Square Enix a warm welcome and support.


More Beta-keys

We’ve started scaling up the playerbase and many new betakeys are sent on a daily basis.

We are looking to put the game and server architecture through its paces with a larger playerbase, and we also wish to see what happens with the gameplay when the playerbase grows.

There are still several thousands of players waiting for a betakey, and some have waited for a very long time. It’s our goal to bring down the waiting time to a minimum, instead of having to wait for months – but please bear with us, as it might take a few weeks until we’ve “emptied” the list.

A shorter version of the Come Out to Play trailer

We’ve made shorter version of the Come Out to Play trailer to celebrate the partnership with Square Enix. Go watch it, and share it with you friends!

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The Heroes & Generals Team

  1. l3binarl3binar11-06-2012

    Great news Reto! Good luck to you with your partnershiping.

  2. cRo4Ti4cRo4Ti411-06-2012

    Congrattullation to Square Enix for partnership , will be nice to hear something from you too about.

    Iam really excited about that fresh Supply for ouer Gamedreams.

    jeahh lets the ShoW groW :) jippiii

  3. flashrazzeflashrazze11-06-2012

    Wow! This really are good news. Keep up the good work!

  4. MattMatt11-06-2012

    This is awesome, you guys always bring great news.

  5. DieselpunkDieselpunk11-06-2012

    Hey, that is great news! Congratulations! :-) Hopefully you’ll still have complete autonomy so you folks will be able to continue to create the game that you’ve envisioned.

    • SapereAude1490SapereAude149011-06-2012

      Well, they Square Enix didn’t interfere with Deus Ex from Eidos Montreal, I have no reason to think they will here, especially since they always say “Help us create the game you want.”

      From a business point of view that’s great. From a player’s point of view, also great. The only downside is the devs will have their work cut out for them :D

      • DieselpunkDieselpunk11-06-2012

        Still, SE will probably be able to market the game better than if it were left solely up to Reto. Which is a good thing, I think. :-)

  6. venenumvenenum11-06-2012

    I swear to your god, If I see a guy with waaay too pointy hair and a giant mofo sword the laws of psysics should prevent him from wielding, flying through axis carving them in two,. I am leaving !..

    • DieselpunkDieselpunk11-06-2012

      Well, there was an episode of Star Trek Voyager in which Klingons fought the Germans with Bat’leths…I mean, how cool is that?! :-D

  7. NockNock11-06-2012

    Congratulations ! and Continue the good job !!

  8. SeerySeery11-06-2012

    Congrats :)

  9. suicidal.bananasuicidal.banana11-08-2012

    Awesome!! congrats guys! well deserved too! cant wait to see this game on steam or something alike.

  10. Toxa1392Toxa139211-09-2012

    Good job Reto-Moto team.

  11. ScHrANZDiNgEnSScHrANZDiNgEnS11-09-2012

    I hope u keep the “free hand” on developing this game…

  12. lok4rlok4r11-11-2012

    good news i will be careful for my beta key :D

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