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Intelligence Bulletin Vol 2 * No 37

intelligencebulletingvol02no37 Another server stress test is coming up. This time it’s our goal to hit a really high number of concurrent players (players logged on at the same time), so we’re going to use the help from all who already have a betakey. But we’re not stopping there, we’ll also send a helluvalot (pardon my broken french) new betakeys to new players.

The goal of the upcoming stress test is to see how many players our servers can handle before they put their hands in the air and wave the white flag.

A stress test usually is a quite messy affair, with chat channels being flooded, servers crashing and loads of new players trying to figure out how to maneuver the game, while veteran players usually are trying to help the new players get in to the game. And at our end almost all developers are online playing the game, chatting with you, monitoring the servers and trying to support you if you run into problems.

We know that it’s not the best introduction to the game for new players, to log in for the first time during a stress test, but it simply is a nessecary evil, in order to be able to scale up the game for more players.

We hope that you will join us for the stress test, and that you will forgive us if the servers crashes (which will mean that you have succeded ;) ). And we also hope that veteran players will help the newcomers out and give them a great introduction to Heroes & Generals.

If everything goes as we hope, we’ll do the stress test end next week. But more info will follow as soon as we have a confirmed date and time.

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Blogs this Week

New forum layout finally online

By Reto.Robotron3000, Community Manager
“Just a quick update – Today we’ve rolled out a new forum layout that we think is much better than the old one :-)” Read More

H&G Newspaper 3rd edition

By Dondergod, Community Editor
“Welcome to the third edition of the H&G newspaper. In this newspaper I will show you: War 83: Aftermath, War84: day by day (multiple articles) and the first Dondercolumn (isn’t it a great name!) I am still hoping on some more community feedback.” Read More

Awesome community art

By Reto.Robotron3000, Community Manager
“One of the really nice things about this game is working with a community of heroes and general (I only KNOW of one general, but there might be more lurking). We have started to see more and more community art showing up and recently londonsmee has performed the heroic deed of creating a batch of nice banners using assets from the game.” Read More

H&G Newspaper 2nd edition

By Dondergod, Community Editor
“Welcome to the second edition of the H&G newspaper. In this paper you can read about the previous war, number 83 and about the current war, number 84. You can read the very first interview with one of our forum-moderators: Chlodovech. And all the way down you can find a short video showing some of the Generals gameplay.” Read More

Team Debriefing



Game Director


Level Designer
“Been doing some work on the first Skirmish Mission with Tobias. It was currently set up as “Assault gamemode”, but now we have created our very first “Domination Gamemode”. The first iteration is playable internally – and we are aiming to launch it with the next build.”


Community Manager & Game Designer
“*Bugfixing new forum redesign, so we can get it online ASAP
*Not writing untrue statements in the intelligence bulletin
*Webserver backend scaling discussions
*Planning vehicle weapon balancing needed for Felber “



Art Director


3D Artist
“Been preparing a lot of new vehicles and weapons for outsourcing.
Also made new collision meshes for the upcoming vehicles.
Also played quite a bit of Heroes & Generals this week :)”


Lead Character Artist
“I’m working on parachutes.”


Lead Animator
“This week I have done mostly editing of videolog4 for Eisenhower and some other press material editing.”


Concept Artist
“Been fixing bugs and looking for reference images”


Effects Dude

Coders & QA


Programmer and Technical Lead
“Jobinterviews, and hired new developers for the team… more details to follow!”


Render Programmer
“Debugging and hotfixing Eisenhower.
Work on Assault Team Progression and statistics collection.
Prepare internal workflow for multiple streams and buildbots.
Postfilter/Atmosphere/Lighting overhaul for Felber.”


Gameplay Programmer
New skirmish gamemode
Support for the upcoming assaultteams in the action game
Eisenhower fixes


Gameplay Programmer


Senior Programmer
Fixed issue in Memory::Map on Linux
Fixed bug on the account website
Translated account website to Danish for test purposes.”


Lead Tester
“- Test hotfixes for Eisenhower.
– Handle feedback.
– Debugcrashlogs.
– Test [TOP SECRET].
– Test [Also TOP SECRET].
– Test weapon damage.”


IT Architect
“- Fix – catalogue containing data about wars available doesn’t build correctly at times
– Fix – sometimes re-login would re-intiate the same ATs into the war
– Fix – enforce AT slot limit on AT initiation
– New! – update AT queue number when they change location
– New! – check if supplies have reached their parent and can merge with them
– New! – occupy accesspoints, battlefield, and supplyline as ATs reach them
– New! – check for and spawn possible battles when ATs move
– New! – change commandnodetemplate type (for eg – if grounded paras enter an airfield, and vice-versa)
– New! – handle putting the transporting objects through their next move
– New! – update airbase for flying ATs
– remove existing code to update battlefields and accesspoints
– change in how ATs join a war (now a war reset removes ATs from war and players have to re-login to re-initiate their ATs in that war)
– data creation for new ATs, resources and auto-resolve attack values”


Flash Programmer
“- Fixed Airbase crash in Web client [Eisenhower]
– Fixed wrong expired label on warbonds [Eisenhower]
– Proper spawnslots information for Assault Team Details [Felber]
– Completed initial UI for upgrading Assault Teams [Felber]
– Limited SMGs (MP40 and Thompson) to level 6+ characters. [Felber]
– Resupply assault teams by request implemented [Felber]
– Buying a character now takes place in a window, like other shops [Felber]
– Tweaks of information shown on Assault Team Screen [Felber]
– Due to time constraints a few features are being moved to G-build: Delegate Command, Knock-out period for Assault Teams and a performance upgrade for the system [Meeting]
– Login Window has been improved in layout, now has Register for Beta and Forgot password links. Can’t be moved anymore and follows layout [Felber]
– If you’re not Veteran, there will now be an unlock button on Combat Badge 2 and it’s visible at all times [Felber]
– Joined the 2 leaderboards into 1. Now all entries have the owner (player) shown [Felber]”


Server Programmer
Did some work on eventhandlers and static data for the AT upgrade mechanic. Since then I’ve been head-down in a stack of log files, looking for explanations for a bunch of errors.”



Lead Sound Designer


Audio Programmer
“Mission list fix for Eisenhower (prevent jumping up and down)
Faction music V0.1 on flash site (Felber)
Some Flash site Sound effects (Felber)”

Management, IT & support


“This week I’ve been planning a lot of new features for Guderian, and tried to catch up on where we are in the production of Felber. I’m currently evaluating a new production and bug managemet tool.”


IT Admin
“1. Secure web server more
2. Nagios stuf (change some alarms on web servers)
3. Perforce.
4. Backup of leaseweb serves.
5. Check MS update.
5. Various IT stuff.”


Project Coordinator
“Inviting candidats for interview for some of our job openings. Review meetings. Coordination of Felber build. Just another lovely week at the office :)”


Support Manager



The Intelligence Bulletin is designed primarily for the use of the members of the Heroes & Generals community. It is a vehicle for the dissemination to them of the latest information received from Reto-Moto Intelligence sources about the development of Heroes & Generals. Readers are invited to comment on the use that they are making of the Intelligence Bulletin and to forward suggestions for future issues.

Reto-Moto Intelligence Division,
Developer Department

  1. NockNock11-03-2012

    really good to know , thx for the great job in the game and browser

  2. EvilenkoEvilenko11-04-2012

    awesome! hopefuly i’ll get a my betakey this time :P cant wait to play this game lol

  3. jumanajumana11-04-2012

    Sad to hear that the AT delegation has been postponed to Guderian-build. I guess a lot of generals were eagerly waiting to see it soon.

    • Reto.VashuReto.Vashu11-05-2012

      We’re not able to make it for the Felber build, so I would rather be upfront about it. It’s still definitely going to get into the game and I hope you’re going to like the new things in Felber!

      • cRo4Ti4cRo4Ti411-05-2012

        ohh ohh tel me tell mee c,mon what will be the ” new things” ….. Mortar ? stuart? Artilerie?

        c,mon …. give us a hint

        • cRo4Ti4cRo4Ti411-05-2012

          mayb ethe BMW ? wrooooooaaaAAAmmmmmMMM where is my motorbike jacket jeyyyYYYY Boorn to be freeeeEEeee iieee ieeeee damn damn dada dada

          • Reto.VashuReto.Vashu11-06-2012

            New vehicles, a remade Skirmish map, Assault team xp gain and upgrading and more.

  4. SeerySeery11-04-2012

    cant wait hopefully i get my beta key :)

  5. evilsamarevilsamar11-05-2012

    and when can we expect Felber

  6. alliedairbornearmyalliedairbornearmy11-05-2012

    Looking forward to a beta key!

  7. HallkerHallker11-06-2012

    Oh i would love to play again. But sadly my account was deleted somehow :( And Support is not responding :(

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