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Awesome community art

One of the really nice things about this game is working with a community of heroes and general (I only KNOW of one general, but there might be more lurking). We have started to see more and more community art showing up and recently londonsmee has performed the heroic deed of creating a batch of nice banners using assets from the game. So take a look below (click to enlarge) and thanks ‘londonsmee’! :-)

Here is a link to the forum thread where they were first posted and you can click here to grab them all as one image.

  1. MattMatt10-29-2012

    Love the second one.

  2. l3binarl3binar10-30-2012

    good job smee

  3. cRo4Ti4cRo4Ti410-31-2012

    jeahhh skilled Artist

    he do my banner too :

    ps. the letters i have trow in the pic.
    Pps. @Robotron3000 who is the General ?

  4. knifurknifur11-01-2012

    as always gj smee

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