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H&G Newspaper 4th edition

From the desk of Dondergod:

Welcome to the fourth edition of the H&G newspaper. In this edition you will find articles about: War 85 aftermath, the 1 day wars; 86,87,89 and 90. A very exiting battle-report over Houffalize during war 88, the second forum-mod interview, this time with Jumana and we end off with a video of the week. As always, if you want to see anything different, or would like to write an article yourself, you can send it to [email protected] or notify me ingame for more information.

Normal 4: driving to warNormal 4: driving to war

Heroes & Generals News

Vol.: 1. Issue: 4

War 85: Aftermath

By Dondergod

After a very long war over Europe, the axis forces managed to push their way into London. Since the allies were mostly fighting defensive battles, they did manage to win more battles then their enemy. However, the casualty’s on allied side were quite a bit higher. The war has seen a lot of ups and downs for both sides, where the allies started stronger and got quite far into the direction of Berlin. The new players managed to change the direction of the war into Axis’ favour. They had a hard time pushing the allies back, meaning a lot of great and fun battles.

War 86, 87, 89 and 90: No, you go Allied!

By Dondergod

After the great axis victory of war 85, a lot of players decided they did not want to lose another war. So they joined the victors. Where the allies had 30 assault teams, the axis had 80, where the allies had 90 heroes fighting in battles, the axis had 140. With the exception of war 88, all the wars named in the title lasted no longer then 1 day tops. War 87 being the shortest in about 10 hours. War 91, that started in the last hours of week 44, also seems to become a very short war. About 40 assault teams left London in the first 30 minutes, where on the axis side over 100 assault teams left Berlin. Many allied generals have already stopped moving their units in awaiting of better times.

I want to use this article to give a shout out to all the players, don’t join the winning side! Do the opposite. Reto is still developing balancing-systems, until those are done, the community will have to balance wars themselves. When you win 5 wars in a row, change to the other side for once, you will probably have more exiting wars, more balanced battles and simply a better all-round feeling of the game.

War 88, Day 1: The Houffalize meatgrinder

By Jumana

Recently I fought one of the most challenging battles in my career so far. What started as an easy-cheesy mission on the first day of War 88 turned out to be a very intense battle for me as a general as well as a soldier on the ground.

Houffalize is a ‘mountain town’, which are known to be tricky if you are attacking from one route only. Our troops were located at Access Point D in the south-west and from the beginning on it was clear that we would have to capture this town quickly because our resources were very limited.
As a general I wanted to send in some more infantry (I had 5 full Inf-AT’s in that area), but sadly all but one of my nearby AT’s were busy fighting some nasty paratroopers that were blocking the adjacent towns. So all I could do was sending in one infantry AT and jump into the battle as a soldier to help our troops to achieve a quick victory.

In the beginning we were outnumbering our opponents by 8:6 so we were able to quickly capture the first points towards the western star (mission objective). A lot of tanks were involved in the battle for the star and we ran out of armour while our infantry was having a hard time to capture it. By this time the numbers were evened out with 16:16. After approximately 15 minutes of intense fighting we finally managed to capture the first star, which also caused the timer to stop (after 30 minutes the defender wins if the timer is not stopped by capturing a mission objective). We took heavy losses to achieve this first goal and soon it was clear that we would not be able to make it to the second star without reinforcements.

Luckily one of my blocked AT’s in the south was freed up, just as we began to spawn our last soldiers in the battle, so I could move a fresh infantry AT to the south-eastern access point (C). While the western route was gradually recaptured by the enemy due to our lack of soldiers there, we were able to quickly push forward in the east towards the eastern star. It didn’t take very long until our opponents noticed the new danger in the east and countered our infantry rush with tanks and APC’s. This lead to a stalemate around the last CP towards the eastern star where both sides had extreme losses.

In some heroic effort with the very last soldiers on the west side we managed to capture the western star again while our opponents focused all their effort east. For a brief time we were able to stop the timer again but it took not long until the enemy was able to recapture the western star again and quickly push forward towards our western access point. In the meantime we were running low on resources in the east as well – and time was running out too.

I managed to bring in another infantry AT to Access Point C, but at this time only a minute of time was left to capture a star. In a final desperate push we managed to sneak by the enemy defences and capture the eastern star when there were only 28 seconds left before we would have lost the battle.

Right at that moment 2 of my infantry ATs were freed up in a northern town, so I could send them to the western Access Point E while we were doing our best to hold the eastern star. This was the time when tides turned and the enemy started to run out of supply, which helped us a lot to defend the eastern star. Incapable of resupplying their town due to a blockade of their only supply route by one of our paratrooper-units we finally invaded the town from 2 sides now, and it took not long until the eastern star was captured by our fresh troops coming from Access Point E.
After fighting hard for much more than an hour, and facing more than 300 casualties on both sides, we finally could call it a victory.

Forum-Moderator Interview: Jumana

By Dondergod

D: So, before we get started about the game, can you tell us something about yourself? Where does your ingame name come from, what country are you from and how old are you?
Jumana:I’m 33 and come from Austria. The thing with the name…is very complicated :-).

D: Can you perhaps give a small summary of the completely story?
jumana: when I was young I was watching a TV show which had a moderator with that name. I liked her a lot – and that was also the time when I played my first MMOs – so when I was asked for a name for my character (I usually play female characters in MMO’s, because I don’t like to watch boys for hours :-) ) I gave it that name jumana: since then I usually use that name because it’s not very common and already taken like other names.

D: May I ask what the name of this tv-show was? So interested readers can google it?
jumana: she was a moderator of the Giga Games channel – it’s not broadcasting anymore.

D: Alright, let’s head for the game itself, how did you find out about this game?
jumana: I read about it in a forum of another WW2-game I was playing.

D: and can you remeber why you thought back then ‘this is the game I want to play’?How long playing?
jumana: I really like to play RTS and also turn based strategeic games, but sometimes also played FPS games like BF2 a lot. The game I was always dreaming of has a complex strategeic layer but instead of AI it uses real people that fight each other. When I read the description of H&G I immediately thought “this is it”.

D: So, you registered and started playing, How long have you been playing by now? Did you have to wait long for a alpha/beta-key?
jumana: If I recall it correctly I applied for a key in December 2011 and got it in March 2012.

D: So you had to wait quite a while. Do you have any really memorable moments from when you started to now? Great battles, funny bugs?
jumana: Oh there was a lot of thing I can remember. One of the best moments was whyn my Assault Teams fought the very first battle when the servers were opened for testing 24/7.

D: I have to ask, can you remember who the enemy assault team belonged to?
jumana: yes, it was my Interviewer :-) and by the way: I won that battle :-).

D: Hahaha, indeed, it was a great moment for ourselves and the game. So, time to get to questions about the forum-moderator part. Choldovech told me last time he was asked by reto to become a forum-mod, was this the same for you or did it go differently?
jumana: no, it was the same

D: And why did you decide to say ‘yes’?
jumana: to be honest, first I was a bit sceptic. I didnt plan to get involved that much – and I had moderated the German forum for one of the biggest MMORPGs at that time, so I knew what to expect – and that it’s not an easy job.

D: What changed your mind?
jumana: Reto was very gentle and asked me to try it – while offering the possibility to quit anytime and also only spend as much time on it as I like.

D: So, this probably means you actually do like it? What do you like about being a moderator?
jumana: To answer your first question: the forum is still very small and by no means comparable to what I have experienced when I was moderating that MMORPG forum I mentioned. So currently I have no problem to find the time and motivation to do a god “job” in the H&G forum.
What I like about it? I like that I think my work is helping Reto a bit with what they are doing. I also can help people to find some information about the game and I can make sure that the overall output of the forum remains productive with regards to the ongoing game development.

D: Then of course I also have to ask the question: What don’t you like?
jumana: Childish behaviour and counter-productive comments. People tend to get emotional very quickly when opinions diverge.

D: Very understandable, that concludes my questions. Do you have anything you want to add yourself?
jumana: Yes… I would like to encourage any tester of H&G to contribute to the ongoing discussions in the forum. Reto is developing this game in a very unique way, and what testers/players have to say is actually very important to help to improve the game. It’s a unique chance to contribute to a game’s development and it should not be wasted by flaming or trolling but rather stick to productive feedback that can help to make the game better for everyone.

D: Can’t say anything else then that I completely agreed with you. Thank you very much for your time

Video of the week: Striker_2012

I always take a look at new video’s about Heroes and Generals on youtube.
This week there were quite a lot of them, but this one was the best video of the week:

Volume: 1
Issue: 4
Week: 44
Year: 2012
Led by: Reto.Robotron3000
Community Editor: Dondergod
Written by:
War 85: Aftermath – Dondergod
War 86, 87, 89 and 90: No, you go Allied! – Dondergod
War 88, Day 1: The Houffalize meatgrinder – Jumana
Forum-Moderator Interview: Jumana – Dondergod

  1. cRo4Ti4cRo4Ti411-13-2012

    Nice read.
    How about in future let “newspaper” reader vote the video of the week. ( idea) ?
    Ps .@ All players , join Allies side join where the competition is at home.

  2. Reto.VashuReto.Vashu11-14-2012

    Great read about the “The Houffalize meatgrinder”. Also great that you’re including videos (like a spotlight)

    Keep up the good work!

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