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H&G Newspaper 3rd edition

From the desk of Dondergod:

Welcome to the third edition of the H&G newspaper. In this newspaper I will show you: War 83: Aftermath, War84: day by day (multiple articles) and the first Dondercolumn (isn’t it a great name!) I am still hoping on some more community feedback. Either simply on what can be improved, or articles which you of course can sent to [email protected]

Heroes & Generals News

Vol.: 1. Issue: 3

War 84: Aftermath

Even though the axis managed to hold the allied troops of for two more days, they could not turn the tide. Victory had a price, over 140.000 bodies can be found throughout the battlefield of Europe. The axis also lost almost 8000 tanks where the allies lost 9000. The axis have won more battles, but that is mostly because of the hard offensives of the allies. The allies were constantly in the offensive, the Germans could hold off one, sometimes two assaults. But the allies kept pushing, which in the end brought them their final victory.

War 85

Day 1: Battle for Amsterdam

Axis perspective:

In the early morning of Monday 22nd of October the allied troops rushed into the city of Amsterdam.
We were outnumbered 2against3, and since the enemy seemed to be coming from 2 sides, we swiftly split up to secure both routes towards the village. While I was doing this, I noticed that all three enemies were planning on taking the stone bridge. I changed flank and joined my fellow axis, waiting for the coming of the storm. While my friend took place on top of the stone tower, I myself drove up a kübelwagen and placed it just in front of the door.

We saw the enemy moving up through the woods and started firing, I used the mounted mg42, my friend used the k98. Before I knew it I was bleeding, I jumped off the machine-gun and grabbed my rifle. I took cover behind my vehicle and started firing back at the enemy. Their garands were no match for our k98’s and the enemy was taking casualties. Then one of the allied soldiers tried to counter us with a sniper. He shot my friend on the stone bridge, but with the help of my binoculars, I tracked him down and killed him. I also managed to kill another enemy rifleman moving through the woods.

The allies however weren’t stupid, while the sniper kept us busy, the two rifleman found another route and were now behind us! They took out my friend, but before they managed to kill me as well, reinforcements arrived. The man, equipped with a mp40, managed to take out both enemy´s and I could continue focusing on the enemy sniper. Shortly after even more soldiers joined our battle and it didn´t take us long to push the enemy back from the village. With a tank on our side and 6 rifleman, the 3 allied soldiers were no match for us.

Day 2: Steady War

After almost 3 days the war is quite stable, the allies hold a bit more ground, but have to fight hard to keep their advance going. The war is going from town to town and it doesn’t seem any side is trying to create a huge breakthrough. Halfway through the week, a lot of beta-keys have been given out. Seeing battles have intensified and both sides win about just as much, everything can still happen in this war. At the moment, the biggest focus seems to be in the south side, both sides have a lot of troops down this area.

Day 2: Battle for Frankfurt Am Main

In the morning of the 3rd day (CET), the allies even saw a opportunity to cut of six enemy city’s. A large battle around the town of Frankfurt am Main commenced. The allies and axis fought hard in an attempt to control the town. The allies managed to get inside the town multiple times, securing the police station in the west of the town. The Axis didn’t want to give up the town without a fight and managed to take the town back each and every time. After nearly half an hour fighting, the German soldiers even managed to take back the access road towards the town. They took the stone bridge back and defended it with snipers and tanks. The struggle was not over yet, fierce battles between the stone bridge and the north-west ruins saw many casualties on both sides. At the same time, the Allied tanks tried to take down the enemy Tigers in order to try and push back for the stone bridge. They managed to take down several of the metal beasts, but lost the same amount on their turn. After fifteen minutes of struggle to get back in the offensive, the allies were forces to retreat. The battle, lasting 45 minutes, has costed over 200 soldier casualties on both sides, as well as a dozen tanks. After the failure to attack this city, the assault on Darmstadt never stared. Will this battle turn the tide of the war and give the axis time for a counter-attack? Or will the allies regain their powers and strike again?

Day 4: Noobs Strike back

It all started on the planet of Hoth… no no wait… sorry wrong story.
As I described in the day 2 story, a lot of keys have been given out and it has shown it’s worth. The axis seems to me the most wanted side to be on, seeing I have seen moments there were 50 allies and 80 axis on-line. Shamefully, without any form of balancing as of yet (still work in progress), the axis managed to overpop most battles. Meaning we saw battles of 5vs16 on many occasions. The allied soldiers fought back as hard as they could, but the axis were just with too many.

Day 4/5: Last stand

While the victory seems close for the Axis. Several Allied generals have decided to throw in a last stand. They are throwing as many troops as they can on the linking city’s between England and the main-land. It’s around 24:00 pm CET, meaning most European generals will log off soon. They hope to hold the axis forces long enough until they log in the next morning. If the line does hold until this moment, that will be the time for the allies to start a counter-attack. Question is, will it hold? And even if it will hold, if they didn’t have the troops to hold the first offensive, why would they now?

Day 5: Surprising counter

To my surprise, the allied forces actually did manage to recover from the Axis offensive. The line being back to where it was on day 4, the allies have showed the axis this war is certainly not over yet. Currently there are a lot of axis troops left behind the allied lines, which the allies are now trying to clean up. If they have done that, the future of this war cannot be predicted. Have the allies truly recovered from the axis overpop, or is this just a last desperate move to drag the war on a bit longer?
At day 7 the war is still going, london is completely surrounded and will probably fall soon. The aftermath story will however have to wait for the next newspaper.

Dondercolumn: Respect the Noob

Newbie, newb, n00b or noob is a slang term for a novice or newcomer, or somebody inexperienced in any profession or activity. (wikipedia)

While I was planning on a weekly interview with forum-mods, I have decided to change plans and do it once in every 2 weeks. I wanted to make a little room to share some thoughts (btw, yes I did think of this great title myself!). In this particular column, I want to discuss something a lot of people seem to be unable to do ‘respect the noob’

Why this item? Well, a lot of beta-keys have been given out, the chats are overrun with questions, some players try to help, others don’t, no problem there. Far more interesting is the ‘veteran’ player behaviour inside battles. And I just want to do it with an example:

Allied Veteran player:”Hehehe, I’m going to place a mine at this point… and when the enemy walk over it… boom!!!!
Allied Noob:”lalalalalala”
Veteran [mine] Noob (kill message)

scenario 1: Ah you retard you are so stupid I placed a mine there you (insert *** number of choice times) look where you’re going!

Why react like this? Every player started as a noob, noobs learn. They grow better. Of course it’s not fun when you get punished with a teamkill while it was not your fault. But you don’t have to shout at him because of it. You don’t have to laugh about it either, but there are many things you can say that don’t have to scare off a new player.

scenario 2: try to watch your step next time, the blue icon means ‘mine’

You don’t even have to say it nicely, you can also say:

Scenario 3: Watch your step ffs!

It’s not nice, but it’s quite different from calling people retards and idiots.
Now, mines is just an example, there are many different things people flame noobs on. I’ve heard some people say ‘it goes like this in every game’. Maybe it does, but that doesn’t make things right. You don’t have to teach him anything if you don’t want to, but don’t flame at a guy just because he doesn’t know any better yet. Like we would say in the Netherlands ‘give him a tick on the fingers’ meaning, point him at his mistake. You can do that, but don’t flame him.

Volume: 1
Issue: 3
Week: 43
Year: 2012
Led by: Reto.Robotron3000
Community Editor: Dondergod
Written by:
War 83: Aftermath – Dondergod
War 84 (all articles) – Dondergod (First one I was using my second account)
Dondercolumn – Dondergod

  1. KROATKROAT11-01-2012

    Nice Donder. very interesting, about mines-remember when thy were without blue label (that was interesting) but now are no less dangerous, also remember when i was start playing i was also several time pick up friendly mine, but this is the only why to learn to look at floor and cautiously closing near the closed wiew place/space, what else to say but that threat of mines waiting at every step, new recruits will learn like i learned and like many others learned-best why is the hard why, i respect each player bcs we are all green, especialy enemy (respect yr enemy and care for yr mate)

    • Jmigfer7Jmigfer711-06-2012

      Nice job Donder
      These war articles are very good to keep me posted while im too busy to help my comrades at war.
      Also I think that noob thing its quite serious.

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