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Intelligence Bulletin Vol 2 * No 35

intelligencebulletingvol02no35 The Eisenhower build was deployed to the live servers Thursday. And yes, we know there still are bugs and that it might not be the most painless experience to play it right now. But thanks to your feedback, we’ve identified a series of issues with the current state of the Eisenhower build which we are in the process of fixing. We also believe that some of the issues are related to the current number of active users, so in the coming weeks we’ll start to send more beta-keys to get more active users playing at the same time.

In relation to some of the heated forum threads the Eisenhower build has spawned we need to remind you that we’re still in Closed Beta, and we’ve invited those of you who have access to the game in to play the game at an earlier stage than most other developers usually do.

In a Closed Beta it should be expected that the game occasionally will be less playable than usual. We’re also still experimenting with the features and wish to try out new stuff to see how they will work when they go live, so quite often we’ll deploy something which might not be all done, just to get it live and to show it to you out there, so we can get some valid feedback and data, which we’ll use to improve the game.

This is the absolute essence of our Open Door Development strategy; design a feature, implement it in the game, get feedback from the community, improve the feature, get feedback from the community, and so on.

Oh, and we’re sorry that the previous Intelligence Bulletin didn’t go out last week, but we were simply swamped in tasks related to get Eisenhower out – hope you forgive us! ;)

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Developer Blogs this Week

H&G newspaper 1st edition

By Dondergod, Community Editor
“Welcome to the first ‘normal’ edition for the H&G Newspaper. Why ‘normal’? Because this edition is all about the coming ‘Eisenhower’ build.” Read More

Action game rules in the wiki

By Reto.Ogssan, Game Programmer
“In an attempt to give the community greater insight in to the game we have documented the rules of the action game which we thought might be of interest to you. What we hope to achieve by this is greater transparency and also more eyes to find obvious flaws.” Read More

Fix your bugs!

By Reto.Splixxen, Lead Tester
“You can only ask people to fix something so many times and when cookies don’t speed up the bug fixing…” Read More

Rocks and cliffs

By Reto.Dave, Does-it-all Artist
“I’m working at the moment together with Reto.Hr.Wille on creating some new rocks and cliffs for the environment. I’m doing the modeling and Reto.Wille is doing the shaders and working on the textures that I generated from my highpoly rocks and cliffs.” Read More

Team Debriefing



Game Director
“- Sporadic autumn-holiday.
– Bugfixing in XSI-plugins.
– Clearing old gfx bugs.
– some meetings.
– some more meetings.
– testing speedtree 6”


Level Designer
“Mostly been doing hot fixes for Eisenhower build – but already focussed on the next build :-)”


Community Manager & Game Designer



3D Artist
“Working on new Tanks for the next build.”


Lead Character Artist
“- US and German parachutes
– Made Plans and documents… ;o)”


Character Designer


Lead Animator
“I have finished off first round of ducking poses, I have done a ragdoll setup script and made the first round of camera shake templates …shake it up ! :) This week I have been working on camera shakes, ragdoll setup scripting, aaaand… I have tweaked the environment settings – especially to get the tonemapping (light adjustment to dark/light changes) working better and the orange fog has been changed to a more neutral fog.”


Concept Artist
“Been done more stones and stone texture. Now I’m on vacation, fishing and drowning my phone…”


Effects Dude

Coders & QA


Programmer and Technical Lead
“No news from the frontline, besides deploying Eisenhower.”


Render Programmer
“- Eisenhower build
– bugfixes”


Gameplay Programmer
“- Eisenhower bug fixes
– New Skirmish gamemode”


Gameplay Programmer


Senior Programmer
“- OpenCL DXTCompression
– Reflection/Serialization
– Strategy stats
– And a little R&R: Lalandia and germany trip ;)”


Lead Tester
“- Test Eisenhower.
– Handle feedback.
– Test Eisenhower some more.
– Write a blog.
– Handle Crashlogs.
– Eat cake.
– Oh almost forgot.. Test Eisenhower.”


IT Architect
“- grounded paratroopers stop at airfields if directed to move past them and have to wait for planes
– smaller bug fixes to remove exceptions
– New trigger based structure for processing data in the strategy game
– remove StackOverflowException (totally had it under control)
– on-going work with complicating assault teams
– make Reto.Vashu cry by breaking his development server ;)
– fix transportation error
– prepare for localization of War Server response messages
– newly created AT positioned on battlefield, not on accesspoint”


Flash Programmer
“Week 42:
– Added updated Warbonds advert images [Eisenhower]
– Tested new joining logic for Battles and helped identify bugs [Eisenhower]
– Hotfixed Private chat issues, Mission over web client crash, not being entered into games you were waiting for, web client crash on login and losing character slots when deleting characters [Eisenhower]
– Monitored and noted down bugs on Eisenhower when it was deployed and players came with feedback
– Bug reporting and suggestions for fixes [Eisenhower]
– Switched to new storage for settings in the Strategy game, now works across redeploys [Felber]
– Merged audio settings with new settings storage method. [Felber]
– Localized more parts of the Strategy client [Felber]
– Reordered and fixed small issues with wartime updates [Felber]
– Added Toggle for Flames on warmap [Felber]
– Added proper IRCserver when working with Web client [Felber]
Week 41:
– Forum feedback and listening to player feedback on testserver, noting down a lot for future implementation
– Added Multiple Globalchats after 200 people online and Allies / Axis chats are now war specific [Eisenhower]
– Added Shortnames for Assault Teams on Multimarker and Assault Team Details [Eisenhower]
– Bug fixes related to character selection and buying items [Eisenhower]
– Changed “Rank” on Leaderboard to “#” [Eisenhower]
– Online players count shown in bottom left [Eisenhower]
– Worked on new system for server response codes [Felber]
– New system for Assault Teams submitted, I’m trying to make the Flash understand it [Felber]
– Optimizations and improvements to parts of the Flash code [Felber]
– Assault Team progression meeting and planning [Felber]
– Localization of the last parts of Flash [Felber]
– Fixed Assault Team movement bug [Eisenhower]”


Server Programmer
“Working on the first steps for implementing the command structure.”



Lead Sound Designer
“I have been on Rest and Recuperation for most of the week. Today I have been working on a new 2D warning sound for when the enemy is capturing.”


Audio Programmer
“- fixes flash site
– fixed pr speaker setup / shot coli
– flash lobby bug fix
– gun mount audio revival
– Flash mission list / lobby work
– mission details button status fix “

Management, IT & support


“Well, I have now been producer for almost a month, and one thing I’ve discovered is that there are A LOT of meetings!… So it’s a bit difficult for me to say exactly what I have done except having meetings, writing documents and talking with the various stakeholders of the project… Well I guess it’s what the job’s about – so far it has been fun!!! :).”


IT Admin
“1. New perforce.
2. Remove the proxy from wiki. It gives picture cache update load problems. (testing new other setup on my pc)
3. Build/setup new pc to meeting room.
4. Other IT stuf.
5.  Check prices on new hardware.
6.  Created new nagios test to see frontend server crash.
7. Create and planing of new web server for wiki services”


Project Coordinator
“Coordination the next build – Felber. Reading all the great application for our job openings – keep them coming. Deadline is 24. october.”


Support Manager



The Intelligence Bulletin is designed primarily for the use of the members of the Heroes & Generals community. It is a vehicle for the dissemination to them of the latest information received from Reto-Moto Intelligence sources about the development of Heroes & Generals. Readers are invited to comment on the use that they are making of the Intelligence Bulletin and to forward suggestions for future issues.

Reto-Moto Intelligence Division,
Developer Department

  1. NordlanderNordlander10-21-2012

    Positive news, thout we was abandoned as a new player.
    Cant wait to be able to start give out feedback.

    I did have done twice check ‘I want to receive weekly development updates’.
    But have not gotten it to work properly…

  2. dondergoddondergod10-22-2012

    Seems like Vashu again did nothing this week, come on Vashu, start working for once!
    Splixxen is eating cake during work time again…

    It’s always the same thing… No wonder Eisenhouwer has so many bugs…

    And that guy writing those newsletters… where the hell did you guys find him? He’s horrible!

  3. jumanajumana10-22-2012

    “Working on the first steps for implementing the command structure.” That sounds like very good news for me. I hope the sypply system will make it’s way to the game too, so that finally the gameloop is complete.

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