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Extended down-time today

serverdown Guess you’ve encountered this once in a while?… If not, then this is what you’ll see if you try to play the game right now. ;)

We’re currently upgrading the servers, and preparing to deploy a new build, so we’ll probably have a longer down-time than usual today!

  1. l3binarl3binar10-17-2012

    how long it will take?

  2. le_sirle_sir10-17-2012

    hell, its about time!

  3. ghost8090ghost809010-17-2012

    What about beta keys?

    • l3binarl3binar10-17-2012

      wait for em, have patience

  4. le_sirle_sir10-17-2012

    looks like eisenhower is up! at least i had to install a 320 mb patch! but servers arent up yet.

  5. dondergoddondergod10-17-2012

    yeah I’ve downloaded the files, but the log in screen keeps saying ‘connecting to server’, it will open up probably within 30 minutes.

    • l3binarl3binar10-17-2012

      Invalid server response. Please try again.

      • l3binarl3binar10-17-2012

        im logged in NOW!

  6. le_sirle_sir10-17-2012

    down again for me. :(

    • l3binarl3binar10-17-2012

      me too

  7. l3binarl3binar10-17-2012

    KenSolo, Splixxen! Everyone who hear my in Reto!!!
    Will we be able to play H&G and check E?

    • le_sirle_sir10-17-2012

      looks like the server still have some issues. eisenhower was up for a few mins, but the servers keep getting on/off

      • l3binarl3binar10-17-2012

        yeah i saw it, but seriuosly, splixxen said it’s several hrs to fix, and now it’s like 6 hrs

  8. Capt.DakaulCapt.Dakaul10-18-2012

    what about the beta keys for this week, what about them? Nothing has been sent out

    • Reto.KenSoloReto.KenSolo10-18-2012

      New keys WILL go out this week. We’ve waited for the Eisenhower build to come up. :)


      • NordlanderNordlander10-18-2012

        You guys should REALLY make a topic about this on forum.
        I got all the guys on the friendlist chat and they lookin for this info.

  9. NordlanderNordlander10-19-2012

    After waitin 64/72 hours i am kind of tired of waiting haha

  10. artdartd10-26-2012

    Server dow ?

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