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Fix your bugs!

With every new build, there’s going to be some new bugs.
– Ancient developer proverb

Some of these will be easy to fix, some will be hard to fix and some are just plain boring to fix.

Hence the other Devs need a little motivation.

You can only ask people to fix something so many times and when cookies don’t speed up the bug fixing…

Then you take another approach:

Sometimes more motivation is needed.
NB: No actual developers were hurt in the production of this blog post.
  1. evilsamarevilsamar10-12-2012

    Hahahahah look at Colding’ face

  2. Gaurav251Gaurav25110-13-2012

    IS that a real luger?

    Damn if it is, you guys are real badasses for finding one!

    • Gaurav251Gaurav25110-13-2012

      no my mistake thats a mauser, my bad.

  3. dirbydirby10-15-2012

    God i want to play this game but i dont recieve a beta key :(

  4. le_sirle_sir10-16-2012

    theres some sort of survery that gets you higher up on the que :)

    • Lumpy3Lumpy310-16-2012

      I dont think there is one anymore.

  5. NordlanderNordlander10-17-2012

    Haha i found this funny as a motherfucka!

  6. AuroN2AuroN210-18-2012

    No developers were hurt in the development of THIS blog post. i see your gist sir.

  7. Reto.Robotron3000Reto.Robotron300010-18-2012

    It is a movieprop Mauser C96. Real Lugers are available here, but would have to be de-activated in order for us to wave it around the office without the police showing up and making a fuss. And it would be such a shame to take an old working Luger and destroying it by de-activating it. So they stay in the gun-safes out at the range :-)

    /Reto.Robotron3000 – resident gun-nut

  8. rokuhamarokuhama10-22-2012


  9. WKDKWKDK10-26-2012

    Ha Ha +1 thats the way to speed up patch upgrades, and a real motivation of the Devs.

    Well I better get to the Beta Testing now, got the activation key and game is Ready to play now, so see You and the Devs. in game I hope.

    WKDK old WoT EU Tanker.

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