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2000 new Beta-keys dipatched from HQ


Once again we’ve sent another batch of 2000 Beta-keys.

We send keys on a first come, first serve basis, but we also send some keys to random players in order to be fair to newcomers.

So open your inbox and check if you’ve received a Beta-key! It can take up to a few hours for a mail to find it’s way, so remember to check again later today and also check your junk/spam folder.

As usual – new keys will go out next week!

  1. avatarRob10-09-2012

    Not me :( Im very interesting by the game, if its possible to give one (a)

    Pour les FR, j’ai créer un groupe sur STEAM :

  2. avatarFitzy10-09-2012

    unlucky again…
    Come’on Reto-Moto I’ve missed getting a beta-key over 12,000 times now!!

    Anyone got one spare? :)

  3. avatarJacobCO10-09-2012

    Missed another week. Oh well, any idea if the survey will be coming back for the Eisenhower release?

  4. avatarskoczek22410-09-2012

    I’m wating 2 months and waiting and waiting

  5. avatariChill10-10-2012

    still no key =/ i´m wating for so long now. i read some comments of people, who registered some days before key send-out and got them while i´m still waiting …

  6. avatarkikofe12310-10-2012

    i really want to play this game i already missed 6,000 beta keys

  7. avatarjoethespartan2410-10-2012

    why is it so hard to get a beta key ,y friend got it within a few days and i applyed a few days later why is it taking so long?

  8. avatardirtydixie10-10-2012

    ehh i never win a beta key before… i think it will same at this time… but this game is great idea – i was dream about similar game from COD1 time… good luck (sry for my english)

  9. avatarthaneeee10-12-2012

    czekam czekam i nic ……… jak ja chce klucz :D

    • avatarPROstuntNRG10-21-2012

      Ja czekam miesiąc i chyba wyjdzie pełna wersja zanim dostane klucz :(

  10. avatarExcorsist41210-14-2012

    Can i have one??

  11. avatarExcorsist41210-14-2012

    i want a beta code D:

  12. avatarCapt.Dakaul10-15-2012

    why does it take so long, you would think they want people to join the game, maybe they should have a list of the people that want to join that way we can see when we get our keys

  13. avatarrandomontages110-16-2012

    i really hope i get a beta key! i can’t w8 to play this game it’s amazing!! This is better then all the fps shooters out there!! i’ma scream if i get a beta key :D :D :D

  14. avatarmcbrutal10-17-2012

    Any chance new keys will be sent out soon? I can’t wait to dig into this and I have a whole clan of friends to bring this way. Many who like to make a lot of purchases to help development ;)

  15. avatarNordlander10-18-2012

    When is next key batch out? None came on tuesday this week?

  16. avatarcrekers12311-03-2012

    When i can get my beta key ?!

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