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Rocks and cliffs

Hello again!

I’m working at the moment together with Reto.Hr.Wille on creating some new rocks and cliffs for the environment. I’m doing the modeling and Reto.Wille is doing the shaders and working on the textures that I generated from my highpoly rocks and cliffs.


Below are a couple of examples of the Zbrush work; they are more or less all test and work in progress.

rock1 First, here is a large boulder, rather quickly done, it’s the one featuring in the ingame screenshots further down. This screenshot is from Zbrush

cliff2 A test of a tileable cliff wall. we will soon do a test of this ingame, hopefully it will work. :) This sreenshot is from Zbrush

cliff1 Same as above, just another try on a cliff wall but with more details in this one.

Here comes a stack of ingame screenshots featuring the boulder I mentioned earlier, Reto.Hr.Wille is the one responsible for the rock looking so good ingame, he made a lovely shader with detail maps, specular and what not, his shader is still work in progress so I bet it will look even better in the future :)

screen1day A couple instances of the boulder from above, intersecting each other to make it look bigger rock formation.

screen1night Same shot only in a night/dusk setting.

screen2day The formation from another angle, day setting.

screen2night Same shot night/dusk setting.

screen1close This shows some of Reto.Hr.Willes work. You can see that even though I’m pretty close to the rock in this shot the textures are still pretty highres. This is due to Reto.Hr.Wille playing around with tileable textures. I for one loves this! ;).

screen2close Again same shot, night/dusk setting.

That’s it for me this time! :) Hopefully you will see new rock/boulder/cliffs ingame soon, and looking even better than the ones I’ve just shown you – they are as i said all work in progress :)

Regards Reto.Dave and Reto.Hr.Wille

  1. MoonRiserMoonRiser10-09-2012

    Daym! Those are sum nice looking rocks!

  2. BaryonyxBaryonyx10-09-2012

    Would love to see moss and lichen all over those.

  3. cpt_bunzcpt_bunz10-09-2012

    Lets See some new maps! – great map idea, white cliffs of Dover!!

  4. Puc_PucPuc_Puc10-09-2012

    pls dont let em be glitch like some stones we have in game.People just jump on stones and go in texture,they can shot but we cant kill them
    Tnx and you rock :)

  5. cRo4Ti4cRo4Ti410-10-2012

    yeehhh, you Rock :)

    i dont kno why but rock1 , cliff 1 and cliff2 pictures are on some kind sexy.

    The screen1 close look is like a real picture.

    compliment , for this ART work.

  6. venenumvenenum10-11-2012

    Cheers man, finally some COVER ! I for once, is glad to see some rocks and cliffs on the battlefield, isntead of just trees in forest (Wich is getting bombarded by tanks, eco killers ! ) And theese rocks look very realistic, Good job, Sir !

  7. FontanFontan10-12-2012

    looks nice indeed ! Now the vegetation like bushes and trees need to be adapted to the awesome looking rocks… ;-)

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