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Intelligence Bulletin Vol 2 * No 34

intelligencebulletingvol02no34 We are recruiting! This time not Heroes for the frontline or Generals for the campaign, but developers for our team!

We are looking at ramping up the team quite a bit and currently there are seven (7) new positions open at our office in Copenhagen. So go look at the jobs section, and see if you find something of interest and remember to spread the word to your friends.

The Eisenhower build is now on the stable server, and getting closer to the live server. And to all of you waiting for a beta-key – as soon as the Eisenhower build has stabilized on the live server we’ll invite a massive number of players (including sending a huuuuge number of new Beta-keys) to join us in another server stress test. It might take a couple of weeks from now before we’re ready for the stress test, but meanwhile we’ll continue to send new keys once a week… So hang in there – you all WILL have the chance to play H&G soon!

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Propaganda this Week

Ohm’s “Heroes & Generals” Quick Look (preview)

Developer Blogs this Week

We’re Hiring!

“Reinforcements are needed at Reto-Moto HQ. We are currently looking for a Games Analyst, Level Designer, 3D Artist, Technical 3D Artist, Senior C# Server Programmer, Mobile Programmer & a Build Engineer.” Read More

Forum update sneak peek!

By Reto.Robotron3000, Community Manager
“So without wasting more of your precious time with my inane babbling, here is a screenshot of the Work-In-Progress of how we expect a forum with sub-fora to look.” Read More

Silence is golden! Ignore function in Eisenhower

By Reto.Vashu, Flash Programmer
“The Internet is a noisy place, so many people are communicating everyday and sometimes the noise becomes too much and you want a way to shut out the noise! There has been many requests for such an option in Heroes & Generals and I would like to present the Ignore Function in Heroes & Generals!” Read More

Another batch of 2000 Beta-keys has been sent

“We’ve just sent another 2000 Beta-keys. We send keys on a first come, first serve basis, but we also send some keys to random players in order to be fair to newcomers.” Read More

Team Debriefing



Game Director


Level Designer
“Been partly working on an art direction level, where the graphic artists and art director can go berserk! That’s a little bit more fun, than fixing bugs and bugs and…”


Community Manager & Game Designer
“Working on integrating forum with the rest of the site, planning vehicle, posting new job openings.”



3D Artist
“Working on new basic shaders for our environment and props.
Also planing new vehicles and vehicle types”


Lead Character Artist
“Medic! Down with a cold… :o)”


Character Designer


Lead Animator
“This week I have created “Duck” animations for drivers of cars and halftracks – also I have started scripting tools for adding ragdoll properties and visual helpers for the animation skeleton”


Concept Artist
“Been working on stone and cliff textues”


Effects Dude
“Animated “foam and rings” textures for water impact effects.”

Coders & QA


Programmer and Technical Lead
“- Some bugfixing for Eisenhower (hngsync and “ignore player” in chat)
– Some work on localisation”


Render Programmer
“- Build/Deploy of Eisenhower
– Windowed fullscreen and True fullscreen stuff for Felber”


Gameplay Programmer
“- Began tweaking the planes a bit
– Did some animation bug fixes
– Tweaked the scavenger badge so weapons only pickup ammo from weapons of the same type
– Bug fixes
– Eisenhower fixes”


Gameplay Programmer
“Worked on small bug fixes and the camera/animation code for mounted guns and vehicles.”


Senior Programmer


Lead Tester
“- Test Eisenhower build.
– Test Eisenhower build.
– Why can’t you get Red Bull in kegs??
– Test Eisenhower build.
– Debug crashlogs.
– Handle feedback.
– Test apps.
– Test Eisenhower build.”


IT Architect
“debugging bacterial infection :(“


Flash Programmer
“- Testing moible applications (iOS and Android)
– Listening to feedback from stable testers and reading forum
– Short blogpost about Ignore functionality in Eisenhower
– New Multimarker stacks your assault teams first unless it’s in a battle, then it uses a queue number (Schranzdingens) [Eisenhower]
– Fix to SoldierOverview positioning of containers on cookie load [Eisenhower]
– Combat XP and Tactical XP now shows properly [Eisenhower]
– Fixed various bugs and tweaked assault team list. Clicking on an empty slot now opens buying assault teams. Clicking on non-empty slot closes it [Eisenhower]”


Server Programmer
“Working on changes to the wait objects are stored and transmitted to client.”



Lead Sound Designer
“I have been looking at some new audio equipment that I need for my studio. Project wise I have created sounds for the tank, Panzerkampfwagen III Ausführung J and I have started to work on open- and close door sounds for the vehicles.”


Audio Programmer
“- flash site, mission list / lobby / soldier screen work
– moved game client assets download up front”

Management, IT & support


“This week I’ve dived into the world of monetization forecasts and budgets. Besides that I’ve been evaluating project management tools and hvad been co-writing jobdescriptions.”


IT Admin
“1. New perforce server. (More testing)
2. Various nagios stuff (Alarm handling)
3. Built 2 new workstations
4. Various IT license orders”


Project Coordinator
“Busy with all the exciting new job openings – Something for you or somebody you know?”


Support Manager



The Intelligence Bulletin is designed primarily for the use of the members of the Heroes & Generals community. It is a vehicle for the dissemination to them of the latest information received from Reto-Moto Intelligence sources about the development of Heroes & Generals. Readers are invited to comment on the use that they are making of the Intelligence Bulletin and to forward suggestions for future issues.

Reto-Moto Intelligence Division,
Developer Department

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    I vish you good luck , that you find fast “high quality” Reto Manpower Resupply .

    I would suggest everyone who fits into your “workers” search that they take chance and conntact you.

    Join RETO …. Join ouer Dream Game Builders

    by the way , all best to the “infected” ones become fast healthy keep of draught!! its getting cold outa there.

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