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Intelligence Bulletin Vol 2 * No 33

intelligencebulletingvol02no33 We’ve kicked off a new initiative this week in collaboration with community member Dondergod, where we’ll try out a community driven “H&G Newspaper” with stories related to the game and the wars being played out. We’re very excited about this and we hope that you’ll all back the initiative up and send great war stories, fan art, etc. to Dondergod. Read more about it here.

The Eisenhower build is slowly crawling its way towards the live server, but it’s not yet ready to take the giant leap. We still have a few nasty bugs that needs to be sorted out, and the match making system still needs a bit of usability tuning. But it’s about to leave the test-server and onwards to the stable server.

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Developer Blogs this Week

H&G Newspaper Special 1: We need you!

By Dondergod, Community Editor
“As part of our development we hear a lot of great stories from the game, we are starting to see fan-art and fan-fiction and we thought: “Hey! We should have a way for more players to read the stories, see the fan-art etc.” So when Dondergod approached us with an idea for a “game news service”/”War Reporter” setup we decided to give it a go. All feedback is welcome and if we find things we need to implement in the game to facilitate the story-telling we’ll look into that as well. So without further ado, over to you Dondergod in the newsroom. /Reto.Robotron3000″ Read More

2000 new Beta-keys are out the door!

“2000 new Beta-keys has just been sent! We send keys on a first come, first serve basis, but we also send some keys to random players in order to be fair to newcomers. Please note that the Beta-key Survey is NOT active at the moment, but all who filled it out to date should have received a key by now.” Read More

What happens behind the curtains in support?

 By Reto.Bacon, Support Manager
“Some small insights from support on what happens after you submit your ticket!” Read More

The First Sound for the Strategy Game

By Reto.draebesmoelf, Lead Sound Designer
” To give you an idea of the process of creating the first sound for the strategy game I have created this short video.” Read More

Team Debriefing



Game Director


Level Designer
“Optimized levels a bit graphics-wize – and also designing new maps. I’m doing a “total make over” on the Skirmish regarding the gameplay.”


Community Manager & Game Designer
“Wiki templates & infoboxes. And working on getting a better connection between forum, wiki, community site. Some weapon checkups, started work on rotating maps.”



3D Artist
“- Making setups for new vehicles types.
– Testning alternative control types for all vehicles.
– Also made some mockups for new vehicle HUD”


Lead Character Artist
“I’m making parachute buckles, hooks and strap loops.”


Character Designer


Lead Animator
“Enter Exit vehicle for the two halftracks, also resumed work on ducking in vehicles.”


Concept Artist
“Been doing some texture work and a bit o planning. Gonna go fishing now :)”

Coders & QA


Programmer and Technical Lead
“No news from the front!”


Render Programmer
“- Bugfixing lobby system Eisenhower
– Water shader quality improvement Felber
– Shader Model 3.0 support (Nvidia 6×00+, ATI X1x00 models) Felber
– Large terrain support (up to 128x128km) Felber
– Distant terrain rendering (to avoid ‘end of the world’ effect) Felber
– Work on fullscreen issues Felber”


Gameplay Programmer
“- The most used weapon on the gameover screen now has to have been fired atleast once
– Categorized assault teams in the spawn menu after which accesspoint they belong to
– Added some cone fire to gunmounts and fixed the Tigers Reticle
– Combat xp bug fix
– Vehicles that get stuck will start taking damage
– Eisenhower bug fixes
– Tweaked the magnet mine, it is now deployed on release of fire button.”


Gameplay Programmer
“Mostly bug fixes and small features for Eisenhover build”


Senior Programmer


Lead Tester
“- Test Apps
– Test Eisenhower
– Meetings
– Test Eisenhower
– Anyone even reading this?
– Test Eisenhower
– Handle feedback”


IT Architect
“refactor, refactor….. bug fix”


Flash Programmer
“- Fix for error #1009 implemented [Eisenhower]
– Forum checking and posting
– Bug hunting and usability improvements [Eisenhower]
– Found and fixed xp display bug [Eisenhower]
– Added Build name to version information [Eisenhower]
– First Blood meeting (Intro scenario)
– Various bug fixes and tweaks [Eisenhower]
– Started implementation of new Assault Team structure and Optimization of Graphical presentation [Felber]
– Chat performance improvement tests [Felber]
– Game testing [Eisenhower]”


Server Programmer
“Investigated problems for high latency connections to the strategy game. Now working on a pretty fundamental change in how objects are stored and transmitted, which should seriously reduce the amount of data sent.”



Lead Sound Designer
“I spend most of the week cleaning up old sounds, removing unused sounds, updating my audio design documents, working on sounds for the german tank – Panzerkampfwagen III Ausf J and looking for a new pair of studio monitors.”


Audio Programmer
“- work on flash client lobby/match making.
– flash client now handles multiple characters locked to one mission
– tables now gets an update call when the entire change set has been applied. “

Management, IT & support


“Last week I held 2-3 meetings a day about all sorts of things; the upcoming ‘First Blood’ (tutorial) level, Vehicle issues, monetization, the upcoming revamped Skirmish mission, and a whoooole lot of other exciting things…”


IT Admin
“1. New perforce server setup and transfer all the data to the new sever. TEST needed.
2. Create new gfx workstation. to Reto.BombeBo.
3. Order a new server to the coders.
4. Various IT. stuff.”


Project Coordinator
“Lots of long, important and interesting meetings about : War News, Easy Access, Vehicles, Character, Skirmish.”


Support Manager
“-Support tickets
-Support chat
-Support bacon
-Wrote a blog post
-Shot a panda on a motorcycle”



The Intelligence Bulletin is designed primarily for the use of the members of the Heroes & Generals community. It is a vehicle for the dissemination to them of the latest information received from Reto-Moto Intelligence sources about the development of Heroes & Generals. Readers are invited to comment on the use that they are making of the Intelligence Bulletin and to forward suggestions for future issues.

Reto-Moto Intelligence Division,
Developer Department

  1. FontanFontan10-01-2012

    -Congratz at Donder at good luck/success
    -yes Splixx, i am reading this
    -ducking in vehicles ! looking forward…
    -large terrain support: woohooo
    -first blood tutorial level: really needed, thx

    all in all, very nice to read, thx for your work guys !

  2. rosiemarosiema10-01-2012

    Quote Reto.Splixxen – Anyone even reading this? Unquote

    Oh you betcha!
    Big fanbase is watching you!

  3. bwc153bwc15310-01-2012

    Splixx, yes we read this! Thanks to all the devs for taking the time out of your busy work schedules to keep us updated on the game’s progress.

    – bwc153

    • MaggiefixMaggiefix10-02-2012

      “Thanks to all the devs for taking the time out of your busy work schedules to keep us updated on the game’s progress.”

      definitely signed!

  4. The_MarkstaThe_Marksta10-02-2012

    Thank God, a fix for Error #1009.

    Ohh btw, not sure if anyone has noticed, or if it is intended but on the Intelligence Bulletin image it says “H&G Montly”, shouldn’t that be “Monthly”?

    Anyway, keep up the good work. :D

    • dondergoddondergod10-03-2012

      Was a beta version I made in an hour or so ;), it was mostly to show the lay-out and such, so indeed there were some mistakes in it ;).

  5. Adam28FitzAdam28Fitz10-02-2012

    Noo! Missed out again on the Beta-Key Handouts!

    I’ve downloaded the client and I am eagerly waiting for a key!
    I dreamed up this game concept long ago (however focused on the WW1 era) and it’s fantastic.
    Can’t wait to see it out there, live and full of players! Keep up the good work.

    Fingers crossed for the next Beta-Key giveaway…

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