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2000 new Beta-keys are out the door!


2000 new Beta-keys has just been sent!

We send keys on a first come, first serve basis, but we also send some keys to random players in order to be fair to newcomers.

Please note that the Beta-key Survey is NOT active at the moment, but all who filled it out to date should have received a key by now.

So open your inbox and check if you’ve received a Beta-key! It can take up to a few hours for a mail to find it’s way, so remember to check again later today and also check your junk/spam folder.

As usual – new keys will go out next week!

  1. avatarPamuzo09-26-2012


  2. avatarHadesTotalWar09-26-2012

    i must still wait for my key

  3. avatarYoshisatto09-26-2012

    This is madnes i have there account 5 mounths and i dint get key !!!

    • avatarUArche09-26-2012

      The article says that it might take a few hours…. its been like 50 minutes, calm yourself man

    • avatarjumana09-27-2012

      If you are waiting that long you should have received one by now. Check your spam-folder if it perhaps accidently went in there. If you still can’t find it you should contact Suport at .

  4. avatarZahaeR09-26-2012

    Waiting for the key month … but worth the wait :)

  5. avatarPamuzo09-26-2012

    I made the beta key survey so i got it fast, waited for 4 days :/

  6. avatarniktkolwiek09-26-2012

    Waiting and waiting … probably will never come

  7. avatarChrisg58609-26-2012

    Do you still get a key if you simply just registered for beta access normally on the site?

  8. avatarDirtynacho09-26-2012

    got my key, ty!

  9. avatarCrazyMickey09-26-2012

    i did not got a key ):

  10. avatarpredatorcm09-26-2012

    were do we check 4 the keys

  11. avatarluke_gamer09-27-2012

    I received my key with 2 weeks, hey guys, make the beta sign up, its necessary ;D

  12. avatariChill09-27-2012

    registered and filled the survey weeks ago and still didnt receive a beta key …

  13. avatarsergo67809-27-2012

    registered and took a month without beta-key

  14. avatarSnegobit09-29-2012


  15. avatarloganthenub09-30-2012

    Waited for a good month and a half or so now.
    No beta key.

  16. avatarsaly09-30-2012

    Waiting month for beta key, how long come?

  17. avatarTimberwolf58110-01-2012

    I am here to report that I filled out the Beta-key Survey 4 weeks ago and have yet to receive a beta key. Cheers.

  18. avatarsuizo10-02-2012

    Ive been waiting a week, Im scared to think that i may have to wait a month or so, since i hear thats how long people have to wait for to get a beta. Is there a similar survey they’re giving out for players to take?

  19. avatarTheCamel10-02-2012

    “It can take up to a few hours for the mail to find it’s way,” Rename it to “It can take up to 2 months for a mail to find it’s way,”

  20. avatarExcorsist41210-08-2012

    never got a beta key for months

  21. avatardragosv10-18-2012

    Im not find me beta key

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