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What happens behind the curtains in support?

blog_support_01 So this is what you normally see as the support center, but what happens when you have submitted your ticket?

Some small insights from support on what happens after you submit your ticket!

Once you have pressed submit, your ticket will enter a queue system as shown on the screenshot below.
Depending on what department you have chosen it will be prioritized accordingly.
For instance if you have chosen a technical support department, it will be answered before a bug report – the logic is that you don’t need help with a bug report because you are just reporting it and not asking for support.

kayako-inside_0 Click to enlarge – A quick overview of how the queue looks, in this case we are viewing the bug reports

Currently we are four people who you can expect to reply to your tickets which is Reto.Cupcake(Jesper), Reto.mormor(Toke), Reto.Splixxen(Rune) and yours truly Reto.Bacon(Peter). We are the only persons who have access to the support system which is the link between our users and our in-house work management system/bug reporting system called Mantis.

We will always try to answer your ticket as fast as possible and to help us with that we for the most instances used pre-defined macro answers to speed up the process as shown on the next screenshot.

blog_support_02_0 How we manage macro’s – Here you can also see some of the ones we used the latest and how many times we have used them

A macro reply does not mean that we did not read what you write or that we are too “lazy” to answer everyone with a tailor sewn reply – it is simply a way of providing the fastest and most efficient service in as little time (and we all know time equals money ) as possible.

The use of macro replies also ensures that nothing is forgotten e.g. we want to inform all our new users about tutorial, news site, forum etc when they contact support for a key – so having links in macro replies is just a good way to make sure you don’t forget what you are supposed to inform!

In most tickets we do have to change some things and adjust the standard reply to something more suitable for your question – and yes, even though I hate to admit it – sometimes we do miss something that you wrote and the macro reply won’t answer all your questions but that just shows we are indeed humans and not robots (as someone suggested when I missed something in his ticket,doh!).

And now for something completely different – I want to show you how I personally hope that the coming motorcycles with side-cars will look like!

pandabike Vrooooommmmmm…….!!!!!




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    So we are going to have germans with motorcycles that have pandas riding them?

    Surely the allies are doomed!

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