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A little bit about rubble


Yes, it is about rubble this time! Since rubble of buildings is missing in-game I have got the task to create some nice rubble. It is still in progress. I will make some rubble that is made of parts and not just a simple mesh with a tileable texture with bricks and stones.

The first parts are almost done, so next  up is to do a  3D physic scene and sprinkle with bricks, planks and what else comes to mind. So here is a preview of where I am in the process…

1-rubble_render_overview_2 The big parts of the rubble. The white lines are the edges of the ingame polygon resolution.

3-rubble_render_4 The big rubble parts in a pile only dirt, stones, bricks and floor planks is missing.

4-sprinkle The missing parts in the 3D scene setup with physics.

So this is the state of rubble in Heroes & Generals – I will do a follow up when the final pile is finished.

  1. Hrafnkell123Hrafnkell12309-14-2012

    So does that mean Destrugable enviroment? like bf3 :)? And when is eisenhower coming?!

  2. rosanero84rosanero8409-14-2012

    DESTRUCTILE ENVIROMENT??!!! WOW! keep up the good work! ;)

  3. cRo4ti4cRo4ti409-14-2012

    cant await see this stuff crashing and flying arround when a tank is shoting at a house.

    cool … by teh way , will this do some Damage to players if a big rubble hit ( same for small ones) . ?

  4. needitfastneeditfast09-14-2012

    good looking statics!
    @Others: i think you got this wrong, noone said something about’ll see that instead of a house object or in the street

    • cRo4ti4cRo4ti409-14-2012

      heh e.. jeeh right , noone said it … but we feel iT :)

      There is afew Time ago anounced that they are working on “destruction” elements?

      due we missed due now any “bigger destruction” or anny “moe news” about , so just this very nice pieces , looks like as they are able fit to ouer “dreamed” destuction.

      but what confuses me a bit is , if the sprinkle on the pic4. os of a full deatroyed house or only the roof part ( the window inside picture is not a roof window)

      ps. hehe .. maybe i just deadreaming :)

      • cRo4ti4cRo4ti409-14-2012

        omg seems my “r” is missed few times sry.

  5. RasrorsRasrors09-14-2012

    This is the state of the art, state of the rubble. :D

  6. XpoinTXpoinT09-14-2012

    Game is getting better and better every day. Now i just need beta key ;D

  7. MattMatt09-14-2012

    Bahaha you guys immediately assume rubble = destructible environments.

    It looks nice btw.

  8. Hrafnkell123Hrafnkell12309-15-2012

    No i just saw a topic from a reto guy who said they were lookin in to destrugtible enviroment but it can be false becuse we still dont have mortars :(!

  9. zombieflyzombiefly09-26-2012

    what a load of rubbish (rubble) :)
    looking forward to seeing this implemented :)

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