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Animation: Behind the scenes – Exit Flak!

Heroes & Generals – Exit Flakvierling 38 – Timelapse of an Animation Process. A behind the scenes animation timelapse (x6 speeed) from sit pose to in game.

It’s been some time since I last did a post. I have rambled a lot – I know ;). It’s about animation – so here’s animation for ya ! … in 6 x speed (due to me orbiting the scene a lot when animating – it sure does flicker heavily – so wear a helmet). Basically this little clip shows how an animation goes from first pose to in game in about 4 minutes. enjoy…


  1. MattMatt09-05-2012

    Is that a Panzer IV I see.

    You can’t lie to me man! I can see the boxy superstructure!

  2. MattMatt09-05-2012

    Wait, it lookin to be the Panzer III.

  3. Reto.ColdingReto.Colding09-05-2012

    I must say … thats impressive … well spotted! ;)

  4. l3binarl3binar09-05-2012

    one more ninja in game :D

  5. Reto.ColdingReto.Colding09-05-2012

    yup – exept this ninja – ninja’ed the …ninja …. or something ;)

  6. DieselpunkDieselpunk09-05-2012

    Nice attention to detail. :-) Looking forward to see how this game evolves.

  7. jumanajumana09-06-2012

    Thanks for showing us this – I always love these “beind the scenes” infos. A little sidenote: It would be nice to have such a testing-ground availiable for testers too (for example to test and compare weapons). It’s always really hard to do some objective weapon tests in the game itslef, so it would ease up that process alot.

  8. Reto.ColdingReto.Colding09-06-2012

    Thanks for the comments guys… During my childhood when television was really limited I loved watching “how to build / produce stuff” programs that aired on danish television occasionally :).

    In regards to a testing-ground – We are currently working on different types of scenarios that would fit in that category. This is a part of our “ease of access” paradigm. So stay tuned ;)


  9. ralpgallandralpgalland09-07-2012

    And to think some studios invest into buying or renting a mocap studio when they want good animations… H&G just needs Colding and his team.


    Pz III J? Is the same guy doing the textures for that and the JU52 and 98k? Cuz that would explain the lack of them *ducks and runs* :P

    • Reto.ColdingReto.Colding09-07-2012

      Cheers Ralp .. glad you like the animations :) there’s a lot to do and unfortunately too little time :)

      I am in charge of animation ..whereas Vehicles, weapons and textures are tightly run by Reto.Wille .. again priorities have to be made .. as of now he is working on weapon internals renderings .. they’re looking awesome as does the bullets and other stuff Reto.Wille puts his hands on :)

  10. DokkarDokkar09-13-2012

    Looks great! Can’t wait to get my key!

  11. FontanFontan09-21-2012

    the motorcycle is far more interesting than the PzIII :-D

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