Open Beta - Play For Free Now!

Like spring, OPEN BETA is upon us and we hope you will all help us welcome new players and community members to the game.

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Mobile Command

Mobile Command lets you follow the war's progress on iOS and Android devices and chat with your fellow generals.

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Heroes & Generals - Come Out to Play Trailer

Watch our Heroes & Generals “Come Out to Play” trailer featuring developers and community members on the frontline and in the war room!

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News, Features, Tips & Tricks

Follow our blog for news on future features as well as tips, tricks and strategies for what is already here.

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Heroes & Generals
  • Online persistent game-world combining first-person action with strategic control.
  • One great war with thousands of participants each playing a role in the war.
  • Specialize your character(s) to become a hero or rise to become a commander of armies.
  • Fight the war on foot, in vehicles or from the skies.
  • New content is constantly being added to the game world.

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More Ways To Play
    Multiplayer First Person Shooter with several gamemodes.
    Action gamemodes feed into the war-server, driving the strategic game of battlefield-logistics, supplylines, production of war-material and conquering of land and resources.
    Your smartphone will keep you in touch with the situation on the battlefield. Issue new orders, move troops, order airstrikes or artillery barrages while you are on the move.

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User Driven Development
  • Open development model. Participate to make the game better.
  • Frequent updates and additions.
  • We are building a game for the gamers.
  • Players get insight in the development process.

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